1. Duration and Ball Size:
a) Division I – 45 minute halves with size 5 ball (17U & Up)
b) Division II – 40 minute halves with size 5 ball (15U & 16U)
c) Division III – 35 minute halves with Size 5 ball (13U & 14U)
d) Division IV – 30 minute halves with Size 4 ball (11U & 12U)
e) Division V – 30 minute halves with Size 4 ball (9U & 10U)
f) Division VI – 30 minute halves with Size 4 ball (8U)

2. Player Passes
a) Each player must possess a valid current seasonal year’s player pass issued and validated by the particular club’s designated NJYS District Commissioner. No player will be allowed to participate in any M.O.S.A. sponsored game or activity without a valid player pass issued to the player and club designated to participate in said game or activity.
b) A player is permitted to be either Primary or Secondary carded under NJ Youth Soccer to participate in any M.O.S.A. sponsored game or activity. Players cannot be rostered to play on more than one club within M.O.S.A.
c) MOSA Secondary Passes will cost $30/player.
d) Any player transferring from one MOSA team to another MOSA team during the seasonal year (September 1st to August 31st) will be required to sit out three (3) MOSA games prior to further play in MOSA.  The sit-out starts when a new player pass is issued. (This does not include when both teams play for the same club)

3. Game Start Times:
a) It is suggested that no game start prior to 12:00 noon, except for Division I and II.
b) Teams should make every effort to arrive on time. Referees should allow home teams 15 minutes to produce enough players to start the match, away teams are allowed 30 minutes to produce enough players to start the match. If either team is unable to meet the minimum required players in the allowed time the game should be reported to the Game Commissioner. Please keep in mind the idea is to play the games.

4. Players Equipment:
a) The player’s equipment will be in accordance with FIFA laws of the game, Law Four (4) (player’s equipment).  Additionally each player’s jersey or shirt shall be imprinted with a distinctive number for his team.
b) Player’s equipment must conform to FIFA, USSF, USYSA, NJYSA and MOSA regulations.
c) Players will not be permitted to play in any MOSA sponsored game or activity with a cast of any type (no solid material).  Normal soft braces without any hard exposed material will be permitted, with the approval of the game official.  Covering a hard cast with a soft material, does not constitute a soft cast or brace.  Knee or other type braces with external buckles or straps must be covered with soft material that was supplied with the brace and must be worn.

5. Maximum Score:
a) Any MOSA team that scores more than a six (6) goal differential at the conclusion of a scheduled MOSA game shall be subject to the following:
(1) First Time:  The coach(s) is to be counseled by his/her club MOSA Representative, who will make a complete report to the Second Vice President (Games Commissioner) on the substance of said counseling.
(2) Second Time:  The coach(s) will be required to appear before the MOSA Board and may be subject to a fine of $100.00 and/or one game suspension and additional penalties
*If a team intentionally scores on its own goal in an attempt to circumvent the maximum score rule, the player who scored the own goal and the coach of the team can both be cautioned for unsporting behavior. The coach will be required to attend the next MOSA discipline meeting.
*If a team ends the game before full-time, the game shall be considered a forfeit, regardless of the score. (if both coaches agree to shorten the halves and the referee permits no punishment will be given)

6. Substitutions – Under 9 through Under 19
a) Unlimited substitutions on any stoppage of play for either team.

7. Match Cards
a) All coaches will print a match card from GotSport within 72 hours of the match.  Any match card presented at the field that is printed beyond 72 hours should be reported to the Game Commissioner
b) If one team fails to bring a Match Card, the opposing team’s Match Card can be used so the game can be played. But any player not on a Match Card would be ineligible to play.
c) Coaches/Managers/Players must appear on the Match Card to be able to sit on the sideline with the team. (Coaches can be handwritten on the game card in an emergency only! The coach must still show that they have a valid pass.)

8. Field location Changes– In the event of a field change for a given game, the Referee Assignor and the visiting team coach must be notified by the home team coach/club by Wednesday of the game week.

9. Roster and Number of players allowed: (Coaches can cross players off on the match card, in order to get down to the maximum number of players allowed prior to giving the match card to the referee.)

Roster SizesGame Day
7v714 Players
9v916 Players
11v1118 Players
10. Game Card Player List and Goal Sizes
a) *9U-10U* (7 v 7) Goal Size 7′ X 21′ or 6′ 6″ X 18′ 6″(Match Card Max 14 players)
b)*11U-12U* (9 V 9) Goal Size 7′ X 21′ or 6′ 6″ X 18′ 6″(Match Card Max 16 players)
c)*13U&Up* (11 V 11) Goal Size 8′ X 24′(Match Card Max 18 players)11. Coaches/Players/Spectators Field Locations
1. In all matches the players and coaches from both teams shall occupy the same side of the field.  The parents and spectators from both teams shall occupy the opposite side of the field. Parents and spectators should mirror the same side of the field (directly opposite the players and coaches of the team they are there to support).
2. All coaches shall be responsible to ensure that good sportsmanship and conduct by their players, parents, and spectators are adhered to.  Coaches are responsible for cooperating with the enforcement of these rules.  Violators shall be reported to the MOSA Board and may result in appropriate disciplinary actions.
3. Coaches shall stay on their own side of the Midfield Line within ten (10) yard area, two (2) yards from the touchline.  (This is designated as the “Technical Area”, unless marked on the field)

12. Recommended Field Size
9U-10U: 7v7 55‐70 yards(length) x 35 ‐45 yards(width)
11U-12U: 9v9 70‐80 yards(length) x 45‐55yards(width)
13U-UP: 11v11 100‐120 yards(length) x 50‐100yards(width)